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The Proposal

The Proposal

Submitting a proposal to a conference needs some overcoming - at least for me. It is 4 years a go when I did it the last time and got accepted with it. Now you probably ask yourself "What the f* took him so long in doing it again?" Well I hadn't got the desire and didn't feel the need to share something with the world. Yes honestly, look out into the testing community, all these great people with their great talks, blogs, workshops, classes and so forth, I always felt as someone who has nothing to say additional alongside to all this awesomeness.

The Pain
Just recently I came across the submissions for Test Bash Netherland, Swiss Testing Day and TestCon Vilnius. I suddenly felt a inner outcry pushing me: "Now kick yourself and go get them man! There is nothing better for learning as to put yourself into an uncomfortable situation! It doesn't matter if you fail!" Oh I hate failing, only the thought of it is enough and I shut down completely - I try to avoid that under all circumstances. Someone could be angry at me and finally don't like me anymore when I fail - that's my pain I carry with me. "NO STOP THIS!" I thought, in order to master the one's weaker self, I have to go out there and get to speak at a next conference.

The Idea
Besides all these awesomeness out there, what shall the topic be I'm going to talk about? Can be there anything new which hasn't be spoken out yet? We humans evolve over time and so there will be always a new story to tell, it doesn't actually matter if someone else already talked about the same topic. The personal experience is what finally differs and matters the most. So we came up with a nice topic which keeps us busy all day long at work. Yes you've read it right, there is a WE... but I'll come to that in another post.

The content
So what's the content of a good conference proposal? I came up with these main points so far:

  • Every sentence must be strongly worded, clear, understandable and accurate
  • Highly focused on to the main message
  • Reduced to the maximum
  • Loaded with passion and energy
  • Takeaways for the audience must sound fresh, crispy, exiting

It doesn't have to be revolutionary, something completely new or pathbreaking. What I think is important the most, that it is something form your personal experience where the reviewer can feel your enthusiasm for it. Have you any good points I didn't thought of?

Ahh, now you finally want to know the content of our proposal itself? I won't tell you that right away, I'll reveal that in a future post.

We are almost finished with it and ready to submit. The deadline is the 31st of July for #TBNL2017 and 9th of September for #STD2017.

Put your lights on, stay tuned and happy testing in the mean time!