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Australian Tesing Day 2017 - Part1

Australian Tesing Day 2017 - Part1

There are these moments in life where everything seems to stand still for a few seconds. Last Wednesday (on the 2nd of August around 9pm) it happened, a deep emotional moment hit me when I received the message that I got accepted to speak at the Australian Testing Days 2017! Even today as I’m writing this post, I still can’t believe it, I feel deeply honoured, is it for real? Sydney is an important part piece home for me because a part of my family is living there which I very much love and care about. Now I’ve finally the opportunity to visit them again after 17 years.

From the Testing-Community there is a bunch of awesome testers down there which I very much looking forward to meet. I’m looking forward to meet Anne-Marie Charret, Rajesh Mathur, Rich Rogers and of course a few more.

Let’s give you now a little teaser of the topic I’m going to talk about on the 30th of October in Down Under: A few weeks ago I’ve had the opportunity to give a brief introduction on how the Test-Strategy in my Team looks like. It was just a small part of an regular online session we have in the project I’m currently working in. I think it was quite well received by the participants but I wasn’t that satisfied with myself - I can do better, much better than struggling over my own pronunciation. Out of that dissatisfaction, I got the desire to make more out of that short presentation - a conference talk. So, I’m going to talk about my current working context which is loaded with heaps of cool stuff like Deployment Pipelines, Automation, DevOps, bleeding edge technology and a great team spirit. I planning to talk about a mummy by touching stuff from some great books (Continuous Delivery, The DevOps Handbook, The Phoenix Project and Testing in DevOps)

See ya! ;)