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TeamSTAR Competition 2017

TeamSTAR Competition 2017

TeamStar Letter

In June Maja Schreiner setup the 15th edition of Agile Testing Meetup with the intention of having discussions around the topics Continuous Delivery and DevOps. As I'm currently working in this area, I signed up my self for being the second speaker of this event. At that time, the two of us had no idea that at the same time the TeamSTAR Competition was happening. In July then, Diana Flores gave us the hint about it - thanks Diana for that! So after aligning the description of the meetup to the theme of the this year's EuroSTAR Roadshow, we were in the game and ready to host our local "The Magic Of Testing" meetup on the 28th of August.

The meetup
We've had around 18 participants which joined us on this evening. It all started a little bit in a chaotic way, as we've had some problems in getting the Wifi Beamer working - a clear lack of taking the time to get that thing running on time. Because of that, Maja had to give her talk in a freestyle way without having a slide deck which backed her up. This was quite a challenge but she was brave and dove into it. Well done Maja! She talked about her experiences with Continuous Delivery using Crowdsourced Testing. Crowdsource testing is an untouched area for me within I've no experiences at all. Despite the fact that I was desperately trying to get that damn Beamer running, I was able to catch some words and sentences in between. Some of the participants bombarded her with some challenging questions - she did well and mastered them. Unfortunately I wasn't able to write these questions down. For those who are further interested in this topic, can either see her live on the next stage at the beginning of October, or get in touch with here via whatever channel you prefer.
Then was my turn to open the coffin and unleash the beast. Of course I don't wanna spoil too much about my topic in here, as I'm planning to apply for some conferences in the future with it. What I can reveal is, that I spoke about my current ongoing project experiences, where we put automation in testing in a deployment pipeline in order to satisfied the need for having a fast feedback loop. I guess I was talking for around 30min and then out of that some nice Q&A discussions arose which took another 20min.

I want especially say thanks to you Maja, for organising this lovely meetup! A big thank you also goes to all participants who contributed with their constructive questions to it. I'm already looking forward to a follow-up! (Next time we'll have the beamer working from the beginning on.) Last but not less important: thanks Ronan Healy for sending us the EuroSTAR swag!

Besides the feedback we got right away at the meetup this evening, we also got a few feedbacks from the participants via twitter:


Further Reading
Maja also wrote a blog post about our meetup. Click and have a look at it!

Be happy and go on with testing!