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Two in Three

Two in Three

In seventeen days, I'll start some sort of a mini-marathon. For the first time ever, I'll be speaking at two conferences in three days. I haven't planed it like that at all! It was just pure fortune that I ended up with this schedule. So yeah, why not, it is anyway going to be a quite crazy year in speaking.

I'm looking forward to meet & greet some great folks, make new testing friends and try something new: sketch noting on the sessions I'm going to listen to in these three conference days. I guess that this is going to be very exhausting - but no pain no gain. I've almost no clue about sketch noting, but can look up to two professionals: Marianne Duijst and Ekaterina Budnikov. Their sketch noting is just amazing, impressive, remarkable! Go and check out their sites:

It will probably take me ages to get on to that level they both are sketching on, but that's ok: start little, be humble, practice and have fun ;)

Hopefully I can report back my sketch noting experiences in a next blog post from the two conferences.

Here is a first attempt which is part of the slide deck of my talk Testing In The Pipe:

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