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NTD 2018

NTD 2018

The Nordic Testing Days 2018 took place from the 6th - 8th of May in Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn is on the north-eastern coast of Estonia and borders the Gulf of Finland.

Also on this conference I was in for the first time and that as a speaker. Again I was very excited to have the opportunity to join for the second time a tutorial done by the all famous Angie Jones.

Tutorial Day

Wednesday 6th of June

On the tutorial day I joined Angie's Advanced Automation for Agile: UI, Web Services, and BDD. This tutorial was about getting us deeper insights how you can build a automation framework for checking UI & API stuff. Here the dependencies which we used:

  • cucumber-java8 (as the BDD Java lib)
  • selenium-server (as the browser driver)
  • junit-jupiter-api (JUnit5 as the assertion lib)
  • rest-assured (for Testing REST services in Java)
  • cucumber-junit (for running the Cucumber BDD REST services Integration-Tests)

To build this automation framework (consisting of the main framework part with Page Objects, Components, POJOs and the testing part with the cucumber feature files, Step definitions to glue the feature files with the framework code) I could actually practices TDD for the very first time in my life - what a moment, I tell you!

Conference Days

Thursday 7th of June

From Being A Tester To Changing The Way QA Is Done: My Trials and Tribulations by Kristel Kruustük
In here keynote, Kristel told us her story from being a student in testing back in 2010 up till today, where she's running as CEO her own company called testlio. Here some of the things which stand out the most for me:

  • I had an Idea and just ran with it
  • techstars was an awakening call to business reality
  • Entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs
  • You either have a bad product or a bad sales agent
  • With funding comes increased responsibility
  • Building a great team takes time
  • Always keep the big picture in mind
  • Constantly re-examine yourself
  • You can't make everyone happy
  • Self-doubt can be one of the hardest obstacles
  • Keep the momentum and keep deliver value to customers

Never give up!

How to win with automation and influence people by Gwen Diagram
Gwens talk was an experience report from where she joined a team/project which had a total mess of programming languages and test frameworks in place. She spend a fair time to bring order in to disorder and testing awareness where not much from that was there before. Here some of the highlights I catched:

Should I brush my cats teeth?

Screw Testing Let's Talk Quality by Anne-Marie Charrett
In her keynote, Anne-Marie talked about the holistic view on Quality, which reminded me a lot of Rich Rogers Book Changing Times: Quality for Humans in a Digital Age. The thing which was really awesome about her talk was, that she came up with a new testing -ility: Qualtability! Here some highlight of her keynote:

  • Testing is the headlights of the project
  • Quality is value to someone
  • Make quality improvement visible
  • You don't get credit for adding a feature, you get credit for reducing cost, revenue...

But wait a second, what is qualitabilty?

Qualitability is how easy or hard it is, to know and see the state of quality at a certain point of time.

Friday 8th of June

Stress Test - the anatomy of a burnout by Karen Burns
This was the final keynote and the cherry on top of all. Karen told us her very personal story from going into the film industry full-filling her dream and then falling deep down into a burnout because the industry there is so damn barbarous. She didn't directly fall into the burnout no, she faced a couple of different stages till she her head banged the ground:

  • Honeymoon
  • Fireworks
  • Chronic Symptoms
  • Crisis
  • Burnout (final stage)

A lot of stress these days has to do with the urge to satisfy everyone. At the end its only you, you have to take care of yourself. Therefor, learn to say no!

Resist the urge, say no!

You can find all my sketch notes from the talks here.

PowerPoint Karaoke

At the end of the first conference day there was, besides some other evening activities, PowerPoint Karaoke happening which was of course open for everyone. Here some impressions:

Our workshop

I'm a person who is very self-critical and humble. Sometimes this is good and sometime this hinders me from doing experiments. At this point, today, I won't reveal anything of our workshop. I think the one we did at this conference went quite well. Once more we learned quite a lot from it, especially the things we will do different next time. If YOU would like to have a performance testing workshop at your conference or meetup or wherever, please feel free to reach out to us. You can either contact Gerald Mücke or me.


Thanks Nordic Testing Days for having me and thank you all out there you lovely people which I've met and had a chat with: