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I Failed

I Failed

I failed in school at a lot of intermediate examinations.
I failed the exams in school to go to the secondary level.
I failed the exam for university entrance.
I failed in getting my first apprenticeship.
I failed at jobs.
I failed at friends.
I failed in learning my first programming language.
I failed in getting a certification.
I failed at my first master thesis.
I failed in speaking in front of people.
I failed in giving workshops.
I failed in getting feedback.
I failed in getting accepted.
I failed in listening.
I failed in stating my opinion.
I failed in telling what I really want.
I failed in speaking to people for years.
I failed in software testing.

I'm grown older now, more experienced, maybe a bit wiser, but there is one thing I've never stopped: failing.

I'm tremendously grateful.

Challenging yourself is never giving up for the things you are passioned about and love doing.