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Released! My First Online Course on TAU!

Released! My First Online Course on TAU!

  • 10 Jul 2020 |
  • 02 Mins read

This is by far my biggest contribution to the Software Test Automation Community so far!

The long waiting is finally over! 🎉 I am thrilled, overwhelmed and super happy to announce, that my very first online-course just got released! 🥳 It is freely available on the awesome learning platform Test Automation University! 👩🏽‍🎓

The course is called Source Control for Test Automation with Git and brings 2hours and 56minutes of raw #Git learning power to wherever you are! And of course it does not only apply for Test Automation, no, its concepts apply for the whole Software Development Lifecycle 😉

TAU Course

At the TAU 50K Party, I had the opportunity to chat with the one and only Angie Jones about it. What a delightful moment that was - I tell you. And you know what is best? Our chat got actually recorded! 🙃

Thank you so much for your kind words Angie!

A long journey

It took more than a year from the very first mental leap to the moment where I now can hold the finished product in my hands. A tremendous amount of hours went into learning, creating the slide deck, recording, getting feedback from Angie, doing some corrections and re-recordings. There were also moments where I just wanted to stop with it and throw everything away. It was such an exhausting work and sometimes even frustrating to do the countless re-recordings due to dissatisfaction on my side with my own english pronunciation. But now I am super happy with the outcome! All the people out there who have created online courses, lecture videos and so on, have all my due respect. Despite the fact that it was a hell lot of work, it was also a huge personal development step into the future. I proved myself that it is possible with a lot of passion, stamina and joy to create something which I never would have imagined before. Creating this course and having the opportunity to share it with other people in the industry, is probably one of the most satisfying things I have ever done so far. This makes me such a lucky and happy human being 😁

I shut my mouth now so that you can go and have a look at my course! It is absolutely FREE! If you have any feedback to share, you are more then welcome to get in touch with me. It is by far not a perfect course, I know, but a first step into another very exciting direction of teaching for me.

Does it stop here?

A huge challenge ends here - or does it now start with all the feedback and additional questions I will get? Next up I will be giving some online trainings on Git and out of that I will see what happens next 🙃

Thank you so much Angie for challenging me on this and for giving me this incredible, outstanding learning opportunity and experience to publish my very first online-course on the Test Automation University platform of applitools. It is a honor to be among these rockstars there!

Enjoy, life, love, laugh, learn, stay safe and happy 🕺🏽