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Commit Message with Scope

Commit Message with Scope

  • 18 Feb 2021 |
  • 02 Mins read


By providing a type and a scope in the header of a commit message, it is often a lot more obvious where changes are applied and can be found before even digging into the files that are part of the commit.

We like you too when...

We like you too when you write clear, specific and short commit messages in our project. This sentence follows me ever since I am using Git. And you know what? They are absolutely right! Having good commit messages which perfectly describe the commit history, are essential for a projects traceability, finding/fixing bugs and code documentation. This is the fourth part of my Git series and this time we will have a deeper look at the optional scope we can add right after the type in the header of the commit message.

I already briefly mentioned in my first post How We Will Use Git In The Future, the optional field scope can be used to gain a readers attention even better to tell them in which area in the code something has changed. As you by now probably can imagine, defining and using a scope depends of course on its used context. As I can't come up a this point with a general list, I have nevertheless tried to come up with some examples based on the types cheat sheet from my last post.

Examples of using scopes

Header Type with a (Scope)Header Subject
feat(header)add a new feature to the header of a website
add(iOS14)add iOS14 capability to appium capability config
blog(ReactJS)add a new blog post about ReactJS
cut(feedback)remove ratings feature
fix(footer)fix a styling bug in the footer
bump(cypress)increase cypress from v1.0.0 to v2.0.0
build(npm)add lodash as dependency
make/ops(artifactory)change url to artifactory
ci(jenkins)add a unit test stage
doc(readme)update the readme file with a new TODO section
test(search)add a new test for the search feature
chore(assets)remove unused static assets
refactor(!)change oauth2 implementation
style(font)change main font to Newsreader Extra-light 200
optimize/perf(images)use webp instead of jpg/png
revert(aboutus)revert the adding of personal emails
rename(View)rename the viewer

Wrapping up

I hope you get some inspiration form the above examples for another day in your commit life. And remember, you don't have to use a scope, you can if you like to add more context for a viewer.

Cheers, take care and smile once in a while 🙂