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New site made with Next.js

New site made with Next.js

  • 14 Jan 2023 |
  • 02 Mins read


I am by far no JavaScript expert, but for my personal website, I am from now on using Next.js and tailwindcss running on netlify. With that Tech Stack in place, I get a score of 100% in each category from Google Lighthouse!

Lighthouse Report

Hexo + GitHub Pages

Long time ago I started out by creating my very first website with Hexo running on GitHub Pages. This was an awesome setup, blazing fast, reliable, cheap and easy to deploy - I can totally recommend it!

Gatsby.js + Netlify

But then all of a sudden one day three years ago, I felt bored and not challenged in using it and so I decided to create a new website this time with Gatsby.js. Developing within the ecosystem of Gatsby.js was a whole new experience for me and took my knowledge to a next level. It offer super cool plugins, extension and libraries one can use and fool around endlessly. Also the site I built with it, looked pretty cool, especially having react-particles as background in place in dark-mode looked super cool. But the time I had to invest in building and maintaining it was enormous as I am not a JavaScript Pro in any way. Since I started investing all my precious learning time in iOS Development, it bothered me more and more that I had to invest so much time to keep running my site. Then just lately I had to announce resignation while trying to upgrade from Gatsby4 to Gatsby5. I spent days in analyzing errors, fixing them step by step - with no real success at the end of each day. One who knows the pain best is Wes Bos - and he is an absolute JavaScript Pro. So I gave up on Gatsby.js and searched for a new tech stack.

Next.js + Netlify

The world of Web technologies is always on the move, fast paced growing and ever changing. There is no perfect framework and decision making which one to choose at the end for your purpose is challenging. Next.js is a framework build on top of React that helps us build a truly blazing fast and outstanding user experience much easier. Compared to GatsbyJS 4 which I was using before, it seems to me to be the much better fit for my personal website. Light to develop with, less 3rd party dependencies needed and other fancy stuff which I don't actually need. Feels good to be up and running again after not being able (due my failed trial of upgrading to Gatsby 5) to publish any blog post for the past 2 month.

Learn, smile, help and be happy, cheers 🙂